A Memorable 60th Anniversary Gala

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More than 170 LP2 members gathered at John Jay Dining Room and Terrace on the evening of September 22, 2022 for a glorious celebration of 60 years of IRP/LP2. Even the weather cooperated, with the sun coming out around 4:00PM after a cloudy and rainy start to the day.

This return to in-person LP2 gatherings was hosted by the Board of the Institute for Education in Retirement, Inc., the fiscal arm of LP2. Laurie Leiner and Susan Rubens worked together seamlessly to locate the venue, plan the menu and all the myriad details associated with such a large event.

The celebration began with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails, against a background of the music of our lives – hits from the 60’s through the 90’s — curated by James Smith. Guests were welcomed by Barbara Marwell, Advisory Board Chair, Dean Brian Peterson, and Graduate Center President Robin Garrell.

Then the highlight of the evening, a video, produced by member Linda Gottlieb and Rich Goldman, who has become our quasi-official LP2 videographer. The video included a brief history of IRP/LP2 and excerpts from interviews with dozens of members celebrating their experiences in LP2. One member’s comments in an email, reflected many others: “And that video: WOW!! No description can adequately convey how good it is. It must be seen.”

Dinner followed the program with members gathered at tables to talk the evening away with memories and plans and the joy of being together again. A selection of quotes from emails after the event conveys the impact of the party:

This was LP² at its best — a community of friends.

The 60th Anniversary party was a truly wonderful event, most especially for someone like me who has never met any member in person.

SPECTACULAR evening for the 60th Anniversary of LP². The program, venue, remarks, video, food and everything was such an extraordinary experience for the whole community. You lifted my spirits more than you may ever know!

The impact of seeing so many classmates – some for the first time – was more than I had imagined and made me realize how deeply I’ve come to appreciate and depend on IRP/ LP².

It was very uplifting after the last few grueling years.

[After the years of uncertain circumstances in leaving The New School,] “the best we could do was anything. and everything necessary to keep the ship afloat until we reached a safe port. Yesterday’s party proves that the mission was accomplished.

Last night’s event gave me great hope that our organization is very well and alive.

How nice to meet so many CUNY people, and such positive comments about our joining their community.

Among the last guests to leave were Dean Peterson and President Garrell who met and talked with many LP2 members, experiencing the energy and vibrancy of our 60-year-old-organization and celebrating our association with the CUNY Graduate Center.

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