What is all this about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for CUNY email?

You already use multi-factor authentication with online banking and other sites. It just means that in addition to your email and password, the site has a second or third method of verifying that you are you. Typically, that’s by sending a numeric code in a text message to your cell phone. But it can also be sending a code to an alternate email address, or via a newfangled “Authenticator” app.

There is some confusion because CUNY has recommended that you use an “Authenticator” app which few of us are familiar with, but it’s fine if you stick with one of the other more usual and simpler methods, like a numeric code sent to your cell phone. It is notmandatory to use the app.

What’s changing is that CUNY’s email system is about to start using MFA to reverify that users are legit every few weeks. When you first setup your CUNY email, you probably gave them your cell phone number or personal email or both, in which case you are all ready and no further action is needed. If you didn’t already give them a second means of verifying you, you will need to do it now.

How to check or change your CUNY email MFA settings.

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