Get Involved!

Activities below are shared in The Observer and in Upcoming Events and News. Read The Observer weekly and bookmark this site to stay up to date on all the ways you can become involved in LP2.

Coordinate a Study Group

Coordinating is the most rewarding way to participate in LP2, as well as the most essential. It’s an extraordinarily stimulating and fulfilling experience to create a Study Group with dedicated assistance from experienced coordinators, and to lead a lively discussion among enthusiastic and well-informed peers. Learn more about Coordinating a Study Group.


Let the Advisory Board or Executive Committee members know you are interested in helping out and what your special skills are. You can make it easy for the LP2 Leadership to find you by fully completing the Bio and Skills section of your Member Profile. Click on your name on the top right of the site and select Edit Profile.

Join a Committee

Committees play a major role in managing LP2 functions: recruiting and supporting our members, organizing study groups, planning extra-curricular activities, social events and more. Committee openings are usually announced in the Spring of each year. You can also reach out to the Chair(s) to express your interest in getting involved. Each Committee’s Statement describes its mission and the skills it requires for committee membership.

Participate in Special Interest Group Activities

Special Interest Groups (SIG’s) organize events, trips, discussions and other activities that allow members who share interests to connect outside of the classroom and get to know other members better.

Run for Advisory Board

Step up to a leadership role by running for a seat on the Advisory Board, an elected group of volunteers tasked with managing LP2 in collaboration with the Director. Those who have been members of the LP2 community for at least one year and have supported the general welfare of LP2 by coordinating, by serving on a committee are eligible to run.

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