Special Interest Groups

LP2 Special Interest Groups (SIGs) provide a wide range of activities, special interest discussion groups, and supplemental programs that go beyond the classroom. Notices of the programs and activities organized by the SIG’s appear in The Observer and on the Upcoming Events and News page of this website. If you are interested in getting more involved in a SIG’s planning process or have suggestions, contact the group leader.  If you are interested in starting a new SIG, contact a member of the LP2 Executive Committee and the CUNY GC Director.


Annual Member Art Show

The Art SIG schedules events for those who make art and for those who want to look at art. The committee arranges docent-led tours to galleries, museums, auction houses, and art fairs. The focus is on the lesser-known art institutions. To showcase the work of members who create art, Art Sig arranges a bi-annual art show and features their work every week in the Observer, LP2’s newsletter.

Leaders: Dick Kossoff and Carol Millsom

Men’s Group

The Men’s Group organizes weekly discussions focused on personal issues that the participants bring for discussion. Many men have trouble expressing intimacy, displaying emotions, and discussing private problems. The Men’s Group meets weekly and helps participants overcome these limitations by sharing personal issues. A member introduces a problem of personal or general interest that becomes the focus of the meeting. Popular topics have included aging and health, end of life concerns, and relationship issues.

Leader: Jay Fleishman

Music SIG

The Music SIG organizes activities for exploring and appreciating music such as presentations, lectures, and group trips for live performances. The interests of its members drive the selection of the Music SIG’s activities which have included presentations on musical subjects such as jazz, Broadway musicals, cabaret, opera, classical music as well as on individual composers such as Stravinsky and Brahms. Through relationships with NYC conservatories and other venues, members have enjoyed live performances of opera and classical music, often preceded by lectures with musicians and, occasionally, group dinners.

Leader: Mark Dichter

Photo SIG

© Alec Rill

The Photo SIG organizes visits to photography exhibits at galleries, museums, and photographers’ studios all over the city. Photography is a big topic and we explore it all: the work of current and classic photographers; and all styles: documentary, nature, portraiture and more, with the goal of identifying trends in the evolution of photography as an art. We have lunch after our trips in a local restaurant during which we discuss what we saw and plan for future expeditions and other offerings, such as group photo shoots and critique sessions

Leader: Alec Rill

Science Seminar Series

Dr. Eleanore T. Wurtzel, Professor of Biology

The Science Seminar Series speaks to an interest by the general membership on a wide range of topics related to science. The Science Seminar Series was initiated in early 2021 by several members of LP2 who have a background in science. The series leaders invite experts who are leaders in their respective fields and who have a knack for clear communication with nonscientists. The seminar format is very informal: an initial conversation with a member of the organizing committee followed by questions from our membership. As CUNY enjoys a fine reputation for its scientific scholarship, we decided to select our speakers from amongst the faculty of the CUNY system. The leaders anticipate holding four seminars each year. If you have any suggestions for speakers or wish to participate in the planning, please contact one of the seminar leaders.

Chair: Bernie Belkin (’27)

Leaders: Jim Greenwald and Jan Blustein

Theatre SIG

The Theater SIG allows our theater buff members to see and then meet to discuss new on and off Broadway productions. The group’s leader selects several new plays and revivals that are scheduled to open during an upcoming semester and schedules discussions well in advance so members can see the show before the discussion, usually held two weeks after the show officially opens. Plays are selected based on the leader’s evaluation of the potential for a positive theatre experience, although past experience suggests that disappointing productions can be as interesting to talk about as those that get rave reviews.

Leader: Bruce Smith

Women’s Group

The Women’s Group meets weekly to discuss issues involving women,including personal experiences as well as the way gender informs our lives. The Group grew out of an IRP study group based on a book of essays, Her Own Accord: American Women on Identity, Culture, and Community. When the study group ended it was clear that there was much more to talk about, and the Women’s Group was formed.

Leader: Arlyne LeSchack 

Our Stage of Life

After a hiatus during the pandemic, the Our Stage of Life SIG was reconstituted in Fall 2023. Our goal is to sponsor two events each semester on issues related to aging, health and wellbeing. We welcome suggestions for topics and/or speakers.

Leader: Jan Blustein

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