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Upcoming Events

Volunteer for LP2 Help Desk!

We encourage new members to volunteer at First Desk because it’s a great way to meet people, learn things and be part of the action. And it’s FUN. The First Desk is in the Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation (AISI) in Room 8309. We are looking for volunteers and…
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You already use multi-factor authentication with online banking and other sites. It just means that in addition to your email and password, the site has a second or third method of verifying that you are you. Typically, that’s by sending a numeric code in a text message to your cell…
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Top 15 Website Features

New Site Features include: an Enhanced Member Directory and Faces, an Upcoming News and Events page that contains only current content, a Library and Online Research Resource page, A Study Group History Table and Grid Archive, ready access to Forms, lots of HELP, COVID Safety Information and more.
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