General Membership Meeting
Friday September 29 | 1:30PM | Graduate Center, Proshansky Auditorium – Remote Options Available

LP² General Membership Meeting Agenda

  • Greetings from Dean Brian Peterson, Mariel Villeré, and Barbara Marwell
  • New Member Video
  • Presentation of Amended LP² Guidelines* – Michael Kessler, Vice Chair and Chair, Guidelines Revision Committee
  • Strategic Planning Project – Barbara Marwell
  • Return of the LP² Art Players – John Becker, Howie Menikoff
  • Adjourn LP² GMM

Convene IER Meeting

  • IER Budget Review and Annual Appeal
  • Adjourn IER Meeting

In Memoriam Video


*Procedure for Member Review and Approval of the Amended Guidelines

The Lifelong Peer Learning Guidelines describe the policies and procedures governing the operation of LP². The Guidelines were revised in 2020 when LP² transferred from The New School to the Graduate Center at CUNY. After three years of experience working with these Guidelines, a revision was undertaken to more accurately reflect current needs.  

These Amended Guidelines have been approved by the LP² Executive Committee, the Advisory Board, and the GC Program Administrators, Dean Brian Peterson and LP² Program Director, Mariel Villeré. We are recommending that the membership approve this amended version. A proposal to amend the LP² Guidelines will be presented to the members at the September 29 GMM. 

  1. The Proposed Guidelines 
  2. Comparison of the 2020 guidelines with the proposed amendments marked in red for deletions and blue for additions. 
  3. A Memorandum summarizing the proposed amendments to the Current 2020 Guidelines
  4. The Current 2020 Guidelines

Members will have an opportunity to ask questions and comment on the Guidelines at Town Hall meetings subsequent to the GMM. 

The Town Halls are scheduled as follows: Tuesday, October 3 on Zoom; Wednesday, October 4 in person at the GC; Thursday, October 5 on Zoom and Monday, October 10 in person at the GC. All members will receive an invitation to the Town Halls by September 20. If you are interested in attending, please respond by indicating your meeting preference. 

Subsequent to the Town Hall Meetings all members will receive a ballot for voting on approval of the amended Guidelines. 

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