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Suggestion Box
This form provides a quick way to share your idea or concern with the LP2/CUNY leadership. Please use the Website Feedback Form below for suggestions specific to the website.

Website Feedback Form
Use this form to report website errors or suggestions for future improvements to the Website Committee for follow-up.

Honorarium Request Form
This form is for LP2 Study Group Coordinators to request an Honorarium for outside speaker(s) at a Study Group.

Nomination Form and Application for the LP² Advisory Board-April 2023 Election
Use this form to Nominate yourself or another member for the Advisory Board. Elections to the Board are conducted in the Spring. Details regarding submission deadlines and the election appear in The Observer, Upcoming Events and News and in the Nomination Form itself.

Scholarship Application Form
Use this form to apply for a scholarship from the The Institute for Education in Retirement, Inc. (IER) Inc. to cover LP2 fees. Applications are treated with strict confidentiality. Email if you need assistance in completing or submitting the form.

Leave of Absence Form
To apply for a leave of absence, complete the Leave of Absence Form.

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