LP2 Website Basics: How to Login, Bookmark, and Use It!
June 2 | 3:00PM | Zoom

Login Page

After June 6 the Zine will be retired; not accessible; gone; history. If you want to check the Member Directory and Faces on the new LP2nyc.org website you’ve got to take the plunge! Learn how to create and save a new personal password for the site, how to come up with a secure and easy-to-remember password, how to reset it yourself if you forget it, how to bookmark the site (or make it a favorite) so you can get to it with a single click, how to get help 24/7 if you forget any of this. All that in a ½ hour, small group workshop. There will be an opportunity to get your questions answered and one-on-one help. If there is time we will tour a few pages that you might find most useful and answer other site-realted questions. Write Denise Waxman at dwaxman1@lp2nyc.org to sign up.

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