LP2 Website Guide

New Features of the site include:

Most of the new LP2 site is public…

We want prospective members to find us and get a clear view of who we are.

Member-Only content available only to logged in LP2 members

The Member Directory and Faces is available only to logged in members. It includes LP2 member information (emails, address, phone, photos, as well as need fields) and has many new features.

How to Login:

To log in you need to set your own unique personal password. This makes the site more secure and will help keep everyone’s personal information safe.

Visit LP2 login page or click on the word Login at the top left of the blue bar at the top of any page on the site in order to Login OR Reset your Password.

Click on Forgot Password to set your password. There will be prompts that explain next steps.

Enter the email that was used to set up your account. The email that appears in the Zine directory is the one that was used. You must use that email or contact us to have your preferred email reset.

Then check your email for a new link to reset your password. This method makes sure that only YOU are able to reset your password. Just follow the prompts. If the email you use is not working contact Help below.


Detailed step-by-step instructions are available. If you need these instructions AND/OR one-on-one help email website@lp2nyc.org.

Protect Your own and other Members’ Privacy

By using the site you are agreeing that you will not:

  • Share your login information with non-members.
  • Reproduce any of the Member Directory information and/or share it with non-members.
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