Coordinator Development Workshops

The Curriculum Committee offers several great hour-long workshops on Zoom designed to answer your questions about coordinating and help you get started on the process of putting your study group together. These are offered every semester. Check Upcoming Events and News to see what workshops are planned and to register.


Let’s Get Started

Where do study group ideas come from? This week we’ll help you think of a topic that could work and explore how to develop it.

More Than One Way

To Present Study Groups

What makes study groups engaging? This session we’ll consider how to find the format that fits your style and your topic and use it to share your ideas effectively.

Speed Dating

For Prospective Coordinators

Want to find someone with similar interests to put together a study group? We’ll help you learn what’s involved in working with a compatible collaborator. Maybe you’ll find a match.

How’s it Going?

For Current Coordinators

Want to discuss how your current study group is progressing and share problem-solving strategies with other new and experienced coordinators? We’ll talk about what’s working, what’s not, and what to try next.

Zeroing In

Research Resources

Now that you’ve chosen a theme, it’s time to deepen your research, investigating available means to follow up on your ideas. We’ll look at some library and other research resources to enrich your topic’s content.

Making it Happen

Developing a Syllabus

You’ve been thinking about the first few sessions and are ready to get started. Soon you’ll need to come up with a whole semester’s worth of weekly sessions. It’s time to create a syllabus.

Engaging the Group

Ways to Encourage Participation

What makes a study group effective? How can you help participants to collaborate in making it work? We’ll look at strategies to promote interaction and discussion.

Managing Media

Using Slides, Images, Video

This will be an overview of how to use Google Slides, Power Point, and videos to enliven your presentation. We’ll also cover where to find images and how to use them most effectively with text.

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