Fall 2022 Study Group Grid

Six Week Study Groups noted by:  * 1st Session ** 2nd Session
Study Groups on Zoom or Hyflex are noted individually. All others are In-Person at the CUNY GC.
NOTE: NEW Zoom Sections of Korean – The Forgotten War and Art of Narration – Hebrew Bible & N.T. have been added to Monday and Tuesday Afternoons.
A NEW HYFLEX Study Group: South American Films III has been added to the Monday 11:45 Time Slot.
The Printable PDF of the Fall 2022 Study Group Grid does not include the NEW Study Groups.
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10:00-11:30 AM10:00-11:30 AM10:00-11:30 AM10:00-11:30 AM
Divine Comedy, Part II: Purgatorio
Richard Zuckerman

** Notable Supreme Court Decisions- 2021/2022 Term
Mark Scher
Bill Siegel
Globalization before Columbus
Charles Troob
Ken Witty

Political Polarization and Democracy’s Future
Maury Harris 
Jerry Webman

Mormonism (A.K.A. 
The church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints), Its History,
Teachings and 
Influence on 
American Society

Frank Carden
Arlene Spiller
Exploring Shame, Guilt, and Humiliation: Personal, Societal and international Perspectives
Jan Adler

Birth of the Brand: The Modernization of Advertising, 1870-1920
Stewart Alter
Howie Menikoff

** Chekhov Short Stories
Lesley Herrmann
Ruth Mackaman

REEL Rock & Roll
Lisa Cristal
Sheila O’Connell
Susan Smahl
Tom Sear

Dutch Art
Deborah Markow

“The Heart and Mind of America”, Baseball in Literature
Ed Brill
Mary Connelly

11:45-1:15 PM11:45-1:15 PM11:45-1:15 PM11:45-1:15 PM11:00-12:30 PM
Bad Presidents
Dan Hertzberg

* Six Screwball Comedies
Lynn Brenner

** New York Review of Books 
Howard Levi

** South American Films III 
NEW Hyflex
Harold Berkowitz, Ted Dreyfus

You Say You Want a Revolution – The Beatles and the Soundtrack of the Sixties 
Barry Bryer
Randy Ross

The Persistent Crime of Nazi Looted Art 
Deborah Markow
Gerald Gline 
Mark Rattner

Great Conversations from Great Books 
Arlyne LeSchack 
Judy Zaborowski
Award-Winning Asian American Playwrights 
Susan Sabatino
Dolores Walker

Narrative Non-Fiction: Adventures in Print
Aileen Gitelson
Judy Adelson
Ted Dreyfus
Marge Heins
Toni Young

Korean – The Forgotten War
John Becker 

** Drawing Workshop
Carol Borelli

Evolution of Entertainment and Communication in the 20th Century
Bob Cohn 

Art of Narration- Hebrew Bible & N.T.
Betsy Gitter

Shakespeare in Text and Film: The Merchant of Venice, King Lear, The Winter’s Tale
Jonathan Gaines
Richard Herrmann

Sea of Poppies: Novel of India on the Eve of the Opium Wars
Susanne Yellin

1971 Revisited: The Year and Its Impact
Bernetta “Penny” Parson

The Small Town and its Secrets: A Sampler (Hyflex)
Sophie Balcoff

** The Decorative Arts of Vienna 1900-1914
Carol Millsom
2:15- 3:45 PM
2:15- 3:45 PM
2:15- 3:45 PM
2:15- 3:45 PM
The Lives of Others: Reading Memoir 4
Miriam Lawrence
Peggy Blumenthal
Mary-Joan Gerson
Mireya Perez-Bustillo
Michael Serrill

Korean – The Forgotten War
John Becker 

NEW Zoom Section

Richard Powers, Three Novels
Arlynn Brody
Stephen Kalinsky

war gone wrong
Carolyn Grossner
Maureen Sullivan

Writing Workshop
Charles Troob

Art of Narration- Hebrew Bible & N.T.
Betsy Gitter
NEW Zoom Section

Savoring the Classic Art Song
James Smith

* How to Read a Film – Film Form and Culture
Moya Duffy

Disney Animated Films: Magic, Messages, Morality & More
Dan Kaslow
Why People Believe Things
James Smith

Important Dates:

Registration Opens: Wednesday June 8

Registration Closes: Wednesday June 22

Add/Drop Period: Week of July 21- August 1

Fall Session start date: Monday September 12

2nd Six Week Session start date: Monday October 31

Fall Session end date: Monday December 19

Note: Due to the way holidays fall this year the final meeting for study groups are as follows:

  • Monday SGs end: December 19
  • Tuesday SGs end: December 6
  • Wednesday SGs end: December 14
  • Thursday SGs end: December 8
  • Friday SGs end: December 9

See Full Academic Calendar for Holidays and Breaks

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