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Six Week Study Groups labelled:  1st Session or 2nd Session
ZOOM, HYFLEX, and In-Person + Webinar Modalities are noted individually. All others are only In-Person at the CUNY GC.
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In Search of Lost Time: Proust’s
Modernist Masterpiece

Richard Zuckerman

This Land is Your Land?
Bob Meyer

Our Broken and Unsustainable Food System
Peter Walker
FDR, Eleanor and the American Homefront in WWII
Joe Zuckerman

Watergate at Fifty
Richard Resnik

Double, Double, Toil and “The Troubles”

Joe Daley
1st Session
Elementary Economics
Judd Kahn

Originalism: What Does

the Constitution Mean?

Bernie Belkin

Impressionism and the Politics of Art
Marge Heins
1st Session

Ken Witty
2nd Session

Advanced Guided Autobiography
David Grogan

Italian Renaissance Art 1300-1510
Pilot In-Person + Webinar
Deb Markow

deTocqueville’s Essays on Democracy
Mark Dichter
James Gould

Understanding America’s Radical Right
Jeff Siegel
The Greatest Films of All Time
Doris Wallace
+ 11

The Photography Workshop
Barbara Confino
1st Session

Jan Adler
1st Session

12:00-1:30 PM12:00-1:30 PM12:00-1:30 PM12:00-1:30 PM
Ideas Worth Spreading: Let’s Talk with TED
Robin Hamlisch

Thinking and Feeling Poems: The Greats
Sophie Balcoff

Up Close with Kandinsky
Rosalie Zuckerman
1st Session

Secrets of Street Photography
Alec Rill
2nd Session

Ulysses by James Joyce
Denise Waxman

Huey Long – Populist in the 1930s
Michael D. Shapiro

The Subconscious Mind
Michael Hill
The Lives of Others: Reading Memoir 6
Peggy Blumenthal
Marcia Hearst
Carolyn Setlow
Eileen Sullivan
Miriam Lawrence

Reading the World

Susan Herman
Meera Kumar
Sara Miller
Susanne Yellin

Affirmative Action: History, Policy and Consequences
Joy Schulman
1st Session

The New York Review of Books Discussion Group
Howard Levi
2nd Session

Writing Workshop
Susan Smahl
Charles Troob

Why Like Ike?: WW2 and 1950s
Maury Harris
Bill Siegel

The Art of Biblical Narrative
Betsy Gitter

Great Conversations from Great Books

Arlyne LeSchack
Judy Zaborowski

2:00- 3:30 PM2:00- 3:30 PM
2:00- 3:30 PM
2:00- 3:30 PM
Edith Wharton’s Gilded Age
Karen Gellen
Stephen Kalinsky

George Balanchine – An Intimate Look at His Life and Career
Ed Brill
Capitalism in America: Appraising the Greenspan View
James Smith

Adventures in Print: Exploring Ideas in Narrative Non Fiction
Liz Dalton
Anne Essenhigh
Aric Press
Susan Saidenberg
Rita Silverman
Great Authors – Great Stories
John Becker
1st Session

World War I in Film
John Becker
Howie Menikoff
2nd Session

Hilary Mantel; Rewriting History: “The Mirror and the Light”
Arlynn Brody
Stephen Kalinsky
2nd Session
Classic Choral Masterworks
James Smith

Evolution of US Entertainment & Communications Media in the 20th Century

Bob Cohn

The “Imperial Presidency” and its Implications for American Democracy

Jay Martin
Patrick Siconolfi
1st Session

Important Dates:

Registration Opens: Monday, May 15

Registration Closes: Monday, May 30

Study Group Assignments & Rosters Distributed: To be announced

Add/Drop Period: To be announced

Fall Session Start Date: Tuesday, September 5

Fall Session Final Date: Tuesday, November 28 – Monday, December 18 (depending on the study group)

Fall Session End Dates: Due to the way holidays fall this year the final meeting for 12 Week study groups are as follows:

  • Monday SGs end: December 18
  • Tuesday SGs end: November 28
  • Wednesday SGs end: November 29
  • Thursday SGs end: November 30
  • Friday SGs end: December 8

Six Week Session Dates: 

  • First six-weeks: September 5–October 30
  • Second six-weeks: October 17–December 18

First Six Week Session Dates

  • Monday SGs: September 11-October 30
  • Tuesday SGs: September 5-October 10
  • Wednesday SG: September 6-October 11
  • Thursday SGs: September 7-October 12 
  • Friday SGs: September 8-October 20

Second Six Week Session Dates

  • Monday SGs: November 6-December 18
  • Wednesday SGs: October 18-November 29

See Full Academic Calendar for Holidays and Breaks

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