Study Group Grid Archive

This archive of past Study Group Grids allows members to explore the subjects and syllabi of previous Study Groups, whether to refresh their memory, to find members with shared interests, or to find inspiration and resources for a future Study Group.

To find a particular Study Group syllabus: Many past syllabi are available as pdf’s for download and printing. Plans to make more past syllabi available are in the works. Take note of the semester and year a Study Group was given on the Study Group History Table and then find the study group on the that semester grid below. Study Group names from 2019 to the present link to its syllabus.

New Style Study Group Grids

Study Group Grids now display the schedule of study groups for the semester with direct links from the Study Group name to the pdf of its syllabus and to the Member Profile for each Coordinator.





PDF Style Study Group Grids

Study Group Grids below for 2019 and 2020 offer direct links to the pdf of the syllabus from the Study Group name to the pdf of its syllabus. The grids for prior years do not link to their syllabi at present. Ways to make more past Study Group grids and syllabi more accessible are under development.





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