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Course CategoryStudy Group NameCoordinator(s) Name(s)Course YearCourse Semester
LiteratureGreat Authors – Great StoriesJohn Becker, Ellen Kolegar2014Summer
LiteratureMalamud And The Struggle For Jewish IdentityStanley Bloomfield2014Summer
LiteratureYiddish Stories: You Do Not Have To Be JewishClarice Feinman2014Summer
Art and MusicSix Socially Relevant 20Th Century Master PhotographersPeter Houts2014Summer
Art and MusicForever Young: Folk Music And ActivismStephen Kalinsky2014Summer
PoetryFood In Poetry: From Mother Goose To William Carlos WilliamsIrene Sax2014Summer
PoetryWalt Whitman, The Man And His PoetryTed Gannon, Irv Geller2014Summer
HistoryVichy France, Its Origins, History And LegacyRaoul Oreskovic2014Fall
HistoryNew York Stories IiBarbara Salant2014Fall
PoetryLatin PoetryNicholas Alexiou2014Fall
Government, Law, and Politics The Evolution Of Emotion (And Political Leanings)James Smith2014Fall
Drama and FilmContemporary American Women PlaywrightsDolores Walker2014Fall
LiteratureA Great 19Th Century French Novel: Stendhal’SRenee F. Wehrmann2014Fall
Drama and FilmThe Best Of British FilmMoya Duffy, Marianne Nelson2014Fall
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason, Leyla Mostovoy2014Fall
Drama and FilmEugene O’Neill, Master DramatistHarding (Pete) Lemay2014Fall
ScienceGenetics/Epigenetics: The Quest For UnderstandingNorma Grossman2014Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Spinning Elections: How Movies, Tv And The Internet Have Portrayed And Influenced The Electoral ProcessChristine Godek, Rita Silverman2014Fall
PoetryThe Book Of Job, Ancient And Modern InterpretationsCarl Binder, Mayer Perelmuter2014Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Understanding European Socialism: A Historical Relic Or A Dream Deferred?Michael Hill2014Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Individual Civil Liberties Under The ConstitutionJonathan Gaines, Joseph Zuckerman2014Fall
Government, Law, and Politics American Life As Viewed Through The Immigrant’S LensArlette Sanders2014Fall
LiteratureAnton Chekhov: Short Stories And PlaysStephen Kalinsky, Carter Swoope2014Fall
LiteratureStories In Our LivesJan Adler, Dan Marcus, Howie Menikoff2014Fall
Drama and FilmFrench New Wave Films And BeyondAnne-Marie Bourbon, Robert Gerace2014Fall
HistoryNixon: The Man And His TimesMichael Marsh, Sara Otey2014Fall
ScienceEmerging Infectious DiseasesHannah Shear2014Fall
LiteratureReading Transgressive MemoirsErich Goode2014Fall
Drama and FilmDivorce In Fiction And FilmSophie Balcoff, Michelle Harris2014Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2014Fall
LiteratureMiddlemarch: Iconic Novel/Personal ResponseHarding (Pete) Lemay, Gloria Plesent2014Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack, Judith Zaborowski2014Fall
Art and MusicBeethoven’S Symphonies: Listening With New EarsJames Smith2014Fall
HistoryAmericans And The Environment: A History Of Challenges And ChoicesCeleste Cheyney, Norma Grossman and Mary Houts2014Fall
Writing WorkshopThe Art Of WritingEileen Brener, Lorna Porter, Charles Troob, Elaine Weisburg2014Fall
LiteratureFinnegans WakeTed Gannon, Harry Levy2014Fall
PhilosophyExploring CreativityMarshall Marcovitz, Claude Samton2014Fall
LiteratureUnpacking The Magic Of Great Writers: How Narrative Holds Us.Cameron McDonald, Steve Reichstein2014Fall
InterdisciplinaryReligion In Contemporary American LifeJay Fleishman2014Fall
Art and MusicPhotography: History, Images And AestheticsLew Schwartz2014Fall
LiteratureUncle Tom’S Cabin And Its Cultural ContextsEileen Brener, Tom Grant2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryScience And LiteratureJohn Gillespie2015Spring
LiteratureThe Latin American Literary Boom Of The 1960S And 1970SRaoul Oreskovic2015Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2015Spring
Drama and FilmIbsen And The New DramaDon Ray2015Spring
HistoryTruman RevisitedMichael D. Shapiro2015Spring
PhilosophyHow Culture Evolves: The Darwinian PerspectiveJames Smith2015Spring
PhilosophyThe One And The Many:Two Paths Through Moral DilemmasJan Adler, Steve Cole2015Spring
LiteratureAmericans In Paris: A Literary TourMarian Lamin2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryContemporary Issues In Sub-Saharan AfricaHelisse
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason, Leyla Mostovoy2015Spring
Drama and FilmThe Artistry Of Silent CinemaJohn Becker, Howard Menikoff2015Spring
Writing WorkshopThe Art Of WritingMichelle Harris, Lorna Porter, Charles Troob2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryJapanese History And Literature In The Middle Period, 1300-1800Susan Goldman2015Spring
LiteratureWord PlaysMarcia Hearst2015Spring
Drama and FilmHitchcockBarbara Collins, Cameron McDonald, Howard Menikoff2015Spring
LiteratureReading William FaulknerStephen Kalinsky, Carter Swoope2015Spring
Drama and FilmPlays Of Harold PinterHarding (Pete) Lemay2015Spring
PoetryModern Love PoetryAnthony Piccolo2015Spring
LiteratureMemoirs And Quasi-Memoirs Of The 21St Century: Knausgaard, Oz, St. AubynSophie Balcoff2015Spring
LiteratureThe Golden Age Of Science Fiction: The World Of “If...”Lucy Sacks2015Spring
Art and MusicMozart’S Finest (Operas)James Smith2015Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Foreign Policy DecisionsJohn Riley, Doris Wallace2015Spring
LiteratureMore Contemporary Short Story MastersEllen Kolegar2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryThe Other Baseball2015Spring
LiteratureTrollope ReduxHarding (Pete) Lemay, Gloria Plesent2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryA Broken HeartBob Braff, Lorne Taichman2015Spring
LiteratureA Live Reading Of Finnegans WakeTed Gannon, Harry Levy2015Spring
InterdisciplinaryScience And Religion2015Spring
PhilosophyPlato’S Socratic Conversations: Wisdom, Love, And ImmortalityEileen Sullivan2015Spring
LiteratureWhy Read Alice Munro?Carol Grant, Arlene Spiller, Ettie Taichman, Nancy Yates2015Spring
LiteratureAmerican HumorTom Grant2015Spring
Art and MusicWatercolor WorkshopJoan Iaconetti2015Spring
Drama and FilmHollywood HustlersMarshall Marcovitz2015Spring
HistoryDiasporan Exchanges: Caribbean/Hispanic Roots Of Remembrance2015Spring
Art and MusicUnderstanding How Painters CreatePeter Houts2015Summer
LiteratureJohn Milton Without ParadiseCarol Schoen2015Summer
PhilosophyGlobal Perspectives On Why We Dress The Way We DoSara Petitt2015Summer
PoetryW.H. Auden, The Universal Modern PoetTed Gannon, Irv Geller2015Summer
Government, Law, and Politics New York’S Evolving NeighborhoodsMarilyn Evans, Florence Tager2015Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Current Issues In Foreign AffairsStephen Kalinsky, Arlyne LeSchack2015Summer
InterdisciplinaryFood Memoir: I Am What I Eat And Don’T EatIrene Sax2015Summer
HistoryTo Appomattox -- And BeyondJohn Becker, Jay Fleishman2015Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Who Gets What?--Wealth And Income Distribution In The Us And Europe From 1800 To 2014Michael Hill2015Fall
Drama and FilmWorking Women In FilmSheila O'Connell2015Fall
PhilosophyThe Emotional Intelligence Movement: E.Q. Not Just I.Q.Howard Seeman2015Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Freedom Of Religion And The Supreme Court: From Polygamy To Affordable CareBarry Cooper and Mark Scher2015Fall
HistoryThe Decadent Decades: 1892-1914Joan Glick and Lucy Wollin2015Fall
HistoryNew York Stories IiiBarbara Salant2015Fall
Art and MusicThe Symphony After BeethovenJames Smith2015Fall
HistoryCatastrophic Europe 1900-1950, As Lived And Sometimes As ImaginedKaris Hall2015Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Critical Issues Facing A Changing American EconomyDick Kossoff and Ken Witty2015Fall
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason and Leyla Mostovoy2015Fall
PoetryModern PoetryAnthony Piccolo2015Fall
PhilosophyLuckJan Adler, Lynne Schmelter-Davis2015Fall
LiteratureProust: Swann’S WaySharon Girard2015Fall
ScienceLife: A Molecular PerspectiveNorma Grossman, Joan Sobel2015Fall
InterdisciplinaryCrafting Life’S Last ChapterWinthrop Thies2015Fall
PoetryModern Greek PoetsNicholas Alexiou2015Fall
Drama and FilmCzech Cinema: New Wave And BeyondRobert Gerace and Eva Vogel2015Fall
HistoryThe Military Strategies Of Sun Tzu: War And MoreJames Gould2015Fall
Literature19Th Century Russian Literature: Hidden GemsStephen Kalinsky and Carter Swoope2015Fall
PhilosophyEssays Of Montaigne, Or How To LiveTed Auerbach2015Fall
HistoryControversial AnthropologistsSophie Balcoff2015Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2015Fall
HistoryThe Good Fight: The Spanish Civil War And Its Consequences (1936-1939)Diane Reynolds2015Fall
PoetryEzra Pound: An OverviewMark Fischweicher and Carol Schoen2015Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack and Judith Zaborowski2015Fall
HistoryImperial Russia And The Expansion Of The EmpireMichael Marsh, Joe Zuckerman2015Fall
LiteratureWar StoriesSandra Freeman and Gloria Plesent2015Fall
LiteratureA Live Reading Of All Of Finnegans WakeTed Gannon and Harry Levy2015Fall
HistoryDiasporan Exchanges: Caribbean/Hispanic Roots Of RemembranceMireya Perez2015Fall
Art and MusicBehind The Scenes – Nyc Exhibitions And MuseumsAnita Highton and Joan Rosenbaum2015Fall
PhilosophyGame Theory/Strategy And Its Evolutionary ImplicationJames Smith2015Fall
Drama and FilmMasters Of Modern Documentary Film ViMary Connelly, Ronald Forlenza, Miriam Lawrence, Robert Sholiton2015Fall
PhilosophyExploring Creativity 2Claude Samton, Marshall Marcovitz2015Fall
Art and MusicAmerican Art Between The WarsCarol Millsom2015Fall
Art and MusicCabaret & The Great American SongbookDolores Rosenthal, Doris Wallace2015Fall
HistoryMemorials, Monuments And MeaningMark Dichter2016Spring
InterdisciplinaryA Broken HeartLorne Taichman, Bob Braff2016Spring
HistoryConstantine’S Sword: The Church And The Jews: A HistoryFrank Carden and Arlene Spiller2016Spring
PhilosophyThinking ProbabilityDonald Ray2016Spring
ScienceHow The Brain Creates Language And ThoughtJames Smith2016Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting GymEileen Brenner, Lorna Scott Porter, Charles Troob Elaine Weisburg2016Spring
HistoryAmerica'S Forgotten WomenSydney Babush, Harvey Schmelter-Davis2016Spring
HistoryProtest Writers Of Greenwich Village, 1910-1960Robert Gerace2016Spring
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason, Leyla Mostovoy2016Spring
HistoryJfk ReappraisedMichael D. Shapiro2016Spring
InterdisciplinaryFilm And Literature Of BlindnessJan Adler2016Spring
HistoryJewels Of The Victorian AgeSophie Balcoff2016Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2016Spring
HistoryVichy France: Origins, History And LegacyRaoul Oreskovic2016Spring
ScienceExploring The UniverseJohn Gillespie2016Spring
LiteratureMark TwainTom Grant2016Spring
LiteratureSaul Bellow: Life'S Journey: Three Great NovelsStephen Kalinsky2016Spring
PhilosophyEmotional Intelligence: From Plato To David BrooksHoward Seeman2016Spring
LiteratureWhy Orwell MattersJohn Becker2016Spring
LiteratureWord PlaysMarcia Hearst2016Spring
Art and MusicSex And Violins: Opera'S Version Of The Battle Of The SexesJames Smith2016Spring
InterdisciplinarySteve JobsTom Ashley2016Spring
Writing WorkshopGuided Autobiography: Telling Your Life StoryDavid Grogan2016Spring
HistoryHistoriography Into The 21St CenturyJudy Goldman, Maureen Sullivan2016Spring
PhilosophyThe Old And The New: Stories Of Hope And DespairGloria Plesent2016Spring
LiteratureThe Pisan Cantos And BeyondMark Fischweicher, Carol Schoen2016Spring
HistoryByzantiumRaoul Oreskovic2016Spring
LiteratureNarrative NonfictionBarbara Collins, Robert Sholiton2016Spring
Art and MusicAn Actor PreparesBruce Smith2016Spring
InterdisciplinaryEarly Japanese History Through LiteratureSusan Goldman2016Spring
Drama and FilmThe Films Of Elia KazanHowie Menikoff2016Spring
Art and MusicUnderstanding Art Through PaintingCarol Winer2016Spring
Art and MusicBody Art: Cultural And Political ImplicationsMarilyn Evans and Sara Petitt2016Summer
LiteratureShort Fiction - Great AuthorsJohn Becker and Ellen Kolegar2016Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Current Issues In Foreign AffairsStephen Kalinsky, Arlyne LeSchack2016Summer
PoetryWordsworth, Coleridge And The Birth Of The Romantic School Of PoetryIrving Geller and Frederic L. Gannon2016Summer
Writing WorkshopThe Nature Of Nature WritingMary D. Houts2016Summer
InterdisciplinaryA Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Couch: A History Of Behavior TherapiesPeter Houts2016Summer
HistoryThe Martyr: The Life Of Luis De Carvajal The Younger, A Crypto/Secret Jew In Colonial MexicoFran DeLott2016Summer
PoetryThe Poetry Of OvidNicholas Alexiou2016Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Spinning Elections: How Movies, Tv, Radio And The Internet Have Portrayed And Influenced The Electoral Process Over TimeMary Connelly and Rita Silverman2016Fall
LiteratureReading The Sonnet: "A Little Sound, A Little Song"Irene Sax and Mary Smith2016Fall
LiteratureOne Hundred Years Of Jewish-American Short FictionGustav Seliger2016Fall
History1492: How One Year Changed The WorldSophie Balcoff2016Fall
Drama and FilmJapanese And Chinese Film: An IntroductionMoya Duffy2016Fall
Art and MusicBach And The Foundations Of Classical MusicJames Smith2016Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopEileen Brener, Lorna Scott Porter, Charles Troob, Elaine Weisburg2016Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Famous American TrialsBarry Cooper2016Fall
InterdisciplinaryWhat'S Next?John Cooney and Jerry Vogel2016Fall
Drama and FilmThe World Of Animated FilmRonald Forlenza, Susan Forlenza, Howard Menikoff, Sheila O’Connell2016Fall
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason and Leyla Mostovoy2016Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2016Fall
ScienceMilestones In Biology: Historical PerspectiveNorma Grossman2016Fall
PhilosophyThe Collapse Of Societies - How And Why They Fail Or SucceedMichael Hill and Eric R. Roper2016Fall
LiteratureEmerging From Loss: Novels Of Confronting And Transcending LossArlette Sanders2016Fall
HistoryJim Crow'S Legacy: Criminalization Of American Blacks Since The End Of The Civil War To The Present DayLenore Cooney2016Fall
Government, Law, and Politics The First Amendment: Free SpeechJonathan Gaines and Michael Switzer2016Fall
HistoryRussia: From Lenin To PutinMichael Marsh and Joseph Zuckerman2016Fall
ScienceEmerging Infectious Diseases: Zika, Ebola And OthersHannah Shear2016Fall
LiteratureJames Baldwin: The Search For Self IdentityTed Auerbach2016Fall
InterdisciplinaryClass In America: America At War With Itself?Arlynn Brody and Stephen Kalinsky2016Fall
PhilosophyProust Ii: Within A Budding GroveSharon Girard2016Fall
PhilosophyForecasting The Future: The Knowable And The UnknowableKen Witty2016Fall
LiteratureThe Four Neapolitan Novels By Elena FerranteLinda Anstendig and Ettie Taichman2016Fall
Government, Law, and Politics MoneyBernard Belkin2016Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack and Judith Zaborowski2016Fall
InterdisciplinaryMaking The Irish American: History, Film, Song, And StoryEileen Sullivan2016Fall
InterdisciplinaryLeaving Closed CommunitiesJan Adler2016Fall
LiteratureThose Dames! Murder Most FoulAnita Highton2016Fall
LiteratureContemporary International NovelsEllen Kolegar2016Fall
PhilosophyThe Nature And Progress Of Knowledge: Refining Our ThinkingJames Smith2016Fall
HistorySnapshots Of The American South: From Jim Crow To The PresentJay Fleishman2016Fall
Art and MusicLet'S Talk About Art In The MetCarolyn Grossner2016Fall
Drama and FilmContemporary Black Playwrights: Wilson, Nottage, ParksMarian Lamin and Dolores Dean Walker2016Fall
Drama and FilmStages Of Life In FilmMarshall Marcovitz and Renee Solomon2016Fall
Writing WorkshopGuided Autobiography: Telling Your Life StoryDavid Grogan2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryReporting From The Brink Of ChangeBarbara Kobrin2017Spring
PhilosophyReading Maupassant In English Or FrenchRaoul Oreskovic2017Spring
PoetryPoet Laureates Of The United StatesMark Fischweicher and Carol Schoen2017Spring
PhilosophyEvolution Is EverywhereJames Smith2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryAn American Injustice: House Un-American Activities Committee Vs. Playwrights And FilmmakersBarbara Salant2017Spring
HistoryMemorials, Monuments And MemoryMark Dichter2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryNew Orleans: What Makes It Different?Eileen Brener, Lisa E. Cristal2017Spring
PhilosophyCreating A Nation: The Unlikely Birth Of The United States ConstitutionSteven Cole2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryScience And LiteratureJohn Gillespie2017Spring
Writing WorkshopTelling Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason, Leyla Mostovoy2017Spring
Drama and FilmShooting Stars -- The Hollywood RenaissanceSheila O'Connell2017Spring
LiteratureProust Iii: The Guermantes WaySharon Girard2017Spring
InterdisciplinarySpanish Golden Age: Poetry And ArtMireya Perez2017Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Great DecisionsStephen Kalinsky and Arlyne Leschack2017Spring
PhilosophyToynbee: A Study Of History'S PatternsJames Gould2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryBreaking Away: Leaving Closed CommunitiesJan Adler2017Spring
Art and MusicWhat'S In A Song? - Music And MemoryGreg McCaslin, assisted by Howard Seeman2017Spring
Art and MusicCreating Visually Interesting PhotographsPeter Houts, Susan Rauch, Jerry Vogel2017Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopLorna Scott Porter, Charles Troob, Elaine Weisburg2017Spring
LiteratureClassic Novellas And Long Short StoriesSophie Balcoff2017Spring
InterdisciplinaryCultures In Motion: From Uluru* To GracelandFrank Carden and Arlene Spiller2017Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of BooksJane Case Einbender2017Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Seminar On Current Social IssuesWinthrop Thies2017Spring
LiteratureOne Hundred Years Of Jewish-American Short Fiction: From Poland To PoloGustav Seliger2017Spring
Art and MusicLet'S Talk About Art In The MetCarolyn Grossner2017Spring
LiteratureLiterary Criticism: An Introduction To Elements Of The Art And Craft Of Reading And Judging LiteratureMary M. Rowan2017Spring
Government, Law, and Politics 14Th - The Amendment That Changed AmericaJohn Becker, Joseph Zuckerman2017Spring
Art and MusicThe Beethoven String QuartetsJames Smith2017Spring
LiteratureThe Pleasure Of RereadingGloria Plesent2017Spring
HistoryTrail Blazing Women: Women Who Changed AmericaSydney Babush, Harvey Schmelter-Davis2017Spring
Drama and FilmThe Films Of Billy WilderHowie Menikoff2017Spring
History“Making Italians”: The New Nation, 1870-1920Don Ray2017Spring
LiteratureWriting The Great WarTom Grant2017Spring
HistoryShooting Stars - The Hollywood RenaissanceSheila O'Connell2017Fall
LiteratureThe Plays Of EuripidesNicholas Alexiou2017Fall
Art and MusicPhotojournalism: Documentary Photography And Social HistorySusan Herman2017Fall
LiteratureReading James Joyce’S UlyssesTed Gannon and Harry Levy2017Fall
LiteratureIsabel, Lily, And Antonia: American Novels At The Turn Of The Twentieth CenturySophie Balcoff2017Fall
Art and MusicWagner’S Ring I: Opera’S SummitJames Smith2017Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Huey Long--Populist In The 1930’SMichael D. Shapiro2017Fall
PhilosophySecularism: God, State And Rationalism From The Enlightenment To The PresentMichael Hill2017Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting Our Story: Writing MemoirCarmen Mason and Leyla Mostovoy2017Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Andrew Jackson’S America, 1815-1848Michael Marsh2017Fall
Government, Law, and Politics As Others See Us: America In Contemporary Us Immigrant FictionLenore Cooney2017Fall
Drama and FilmMuslim Cultures Through FilmBob Gerace and Marilyn Evans2017Fall
PhilosophyWhat’S Up With Men?Jan Adler and Ken Witty2017Fall
Art and MusicImpressionismRobert Fisher2017Fall
LiteraturePrize-Winning Black PlaywrightsMarian Lamin and Dolores Deane Walker2017Fall
PhilosophyMind, Thought, And ConsciousnessJames Smith2017Fall
LiteratureNarrative Nonfiction: A Closer LookBarbara Collins, Mary Connelly, Michelle Harris, and Robert Sholiton2017Fall
HistoryAmerica’S World War Ii: Ordinary People, Extraordinary TimesThomas H. Sear2017Fall
LiteratureSoviet Jewish Writing In AmericaAileen Gitelson and Irene Sax2017Fall
PoetryThe Poetry Of E.E. Cummings And Its Significance TodayHoward Seeman2017Fall
LiteratureCheatin' Hearts: Adultery In Literature, Three NovelsArlynn Brody and Stephen Kalinsky2017Fall
Art and MusicThe Bauhaus: Think Tank For ModernismCarol Millsom and Lila Shoshkes2017Fall
HistoryThe Great Migration: The Warmth Of Other SunsLinda Anstendig, Carol Groneman and Rita Silverman2017Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2017Fall
LiteratureSpies, Real And ImaginedLucy Kirk, Rena Shagan, and Maureen Sullivan2017Fall
Art and MusicSentimental Journey Through French SongsChristine Luneau-Lipton2017Fall
LiteratureNaturalism In LiteratureJohn Becker2017Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Landmark Supreme Court CasesBarry Cooper and Mark Scher2017Fall
Drama and FilmSinema: Seven Deadly Sins In Cinema And StorySylvia Brill, Moya Duffy, Bob Gerace and Marianne Nelson2017Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack and Judith Zaborowski2017Fall
HistoryMartin Luther King And The Civil Rights Movement: America In The King Years, 1954 To 1963Ted Auerbach2017Fall
Art and MusicSalons: Private Conversations, Public InfluenceAnita Highton, Joan Rosenbaum, and Judy Siegel2017Fall
Writing WorkshopStep-By-Step Guide To Exploring Pivotal Moments Of Your Life Story And The Connections Between ThemDavid Grogan2017Fall
LiteraturePhilosophy And Psychology: The Novels Of Irving YalomElaine Gerald, Lynne Schmelter-Davis and Don Ray2017Fall
Government, Law, and Politics The Dreyfus Affair: A Documentary ApproachSharon Girard and Denise Waxman2017Fall
ScienceCosmology For The CuriousReuven Opher2018Spring
LiteratureReading UlyssesTed Gannon and Harry Levy2018Spring
LiteratureProust Iv: Sodom And GomorrahSharon Girard2018Spring
LiteratureThe Big Orange: Writing Los AngelesTom Grant2018Spring
Drama and FilmMovie MusicalsMarshall Marcovitz and Claude Samton2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryLooking At Modern Italian Society Through Literature And FilmBruce Solomon2018Spring
HistoryPilgrimages: Cultures In MotionFrank Carden and Arlene Spiller2018Spring
Art and MusicWagner’S Ring Part Ii: Opera’S SummitJames Smith2018Spring
LiteratureSoviet Jewish Writing In AmericaAileen Gitelson and Irene Sax2018Spring
LiteratureContemporary Irish NovelsEllen Kolegar2018Spring
Drama and FilmFamily Secrets In Documentary FilmsJan Adler, Patti Kaplan, Miriam Lawrence and Robert Sholiton2018Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting Our Story: Writing MemoirPhilip M. Botwinick and Susan Smahl2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryAmerican Women: Identity, Culture, CommunityArlyne LeSchack and Colette Siegel2018Spring
InterdisciplinarySome Environmental Threats: Global Warming And Other SuspectsTed Dreyfus2018Spring
HistoryHistoriography ReduxHarold Berkowitz and Barbara Marwell2018Spring
LiteratureThe Brothers KaramazovLesley Herrmann and Ruth Mackaman2018Spring
Art and MusicRock ‘N’ Roll: Roots To RapSheila O’Connell and Ron Russo2018Spring
PhilosophyToynbee: A Study Of History’S PatternsJames Gould2018Spring
Drama and FilmSelf-Deception In Modern DramaBurt Freeman, Sandra Freeman2018Spring
LiteratureCulture Clash: Recent Writers From The Indian SubcontinentSophie Balcoff2018Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopEileen Brener, Lorna Scott Porter, Charles Troob and Elaine Weisburg2018Spring
HistoryEugenics: From Nordic Nation To Made In AmericaSusan Forlenza and Ron Forlenza2018Spring
ScienceNeurobiology Of Human BehaviorJames Smith2018Spring
Drama and FilmGems Of French Cinema: Vintage And ModernAnne-Marie Bourbon, Robert Gerace and Christine Luneau-Lipton2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryAging -- From Fountain Of Youth To TelomeresRobert Braff and John Gillespie2018Spring
LiteratureGreat Literature Of The Depression EraCarol Schoen2018Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Europe NowMichael Hill2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryHollywood Directors Go To WarJohn Becker and Howard Menikoff2018Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryDiscourse Across The DivideRoger Mulvihill and Eileen Sullivan2018Spring
InterdisciplinaryThe Jewish Lower East SideFran De Lott2018Spring
Drama and FilmAn Actor PreparesBruce Smith2018Spring
Art and MusicLightroom: Mastering The Digital DarkroomJonathan Gaines and Jerry Vogel2018Spring
Drama and FilmThe Films Of Martin ScorseseHowie Menikoff2018Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Two Sides Of The Mirror: Latino Reflections Across BordersMireya Perez-Bustillo2018Spring
Writing WorkshopGuided Autobiography I: Telling Your Life StoryDavid Grogan2018Spring
Drama and FilmThe Century Of The Self: A Documentary By Adam CurtisPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung2018Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Texans: Reality Check On LegendsMaury Harris2018Summer
LiteratureIsaac Babel: Master StorytellerSteve Kalinsky2018Summer
Art and MusicSix Photographers In Search Of A Study GroupSusan Herman, Peter Houts2018Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Bitcoin And Other CryptocurrenciesSimon Chung, Philip Botwinick2018Summer
LiteratureGreat Authors, Great StoriesJohn Becker, Ellen Kolegar2018Summer
Art and MusicSix Women Who Advanced Modern Art In AmericaCarol Millsom2018Summer
InterdisciplinaryLaw In LiteratureJonathan Gaines and Richard Hermann2018Fall
ScienceTopics In CosmologyReuven Opher2018Fall
Art and MusicCezanne’S LegacyRobert Fisher2018Fall
InterdisciplinaryRediscovering The Conservative MindSteve Cole2018Fall
InterdisciplinaryCollecting, Collectors And CollectionsMarge Levin2018Fall
HistoryThe Evolution, Demise And Aftermath Of Apartheid In South Africa 1652-2018Mel Oppenheim and Jenny Ross2018Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2018Fall
PoetryThe Beats: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Lawrence Ferlinghetti And OthersMark Fischweicher and Carol Schoen2018Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Financial Price Bubbles: History, Causes, Consequences & ProspectsMaury Harris and Daniel Hertzberg2018Fall
HistoryMartha Gellhorn: Trailblazing War CorrespondentThomas H. Sear2018Fall
Government, Law, and Politics The Trump Administration: Legal And Policy IssuesJonathan Gaines and Michael Switzer2018Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack and Judith Zaborowski2018Fall
Drama and FilmThe Art Of The Documentary: Recent WorkMary Connelly, Miriam Lawrence, Robert Sholiton, Nancy Small2018Fall
LiteratureGreat English Novels Of The 19Th CenturySophie Balcoff2018Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopCharles Troob and Elaine Weisburg2018Fall
HistoryRemaking The World After WwiJohn Becker2018Fall
HistoryImperialism And Colonialism From Antiquity Until WwiMichael Marsh and Joe Zuckerman2018Fall
ScienceZip Code Vs Genetic Code: How Society Determines Population HealthLenore Cooney2018Fall
InterdisciplinaryThe New York School Of Painters And PoetsCarolyn Grossner and Irene Sax2018Fall
LiteratureProust V: The Captive And The FugitiveSharon Girard2018Fall
ScienceHuman Progress And Progress Denial: An Evidence-Based ApproachJames Smith2018Fall
InterdisciplinaryPhilanthropy: Heroes And VillainsJulian Wolpert2018Fall
ScienceHow The Great Inventions Changed America Since 1870Ken Witty2018Fall
Drama and FilmWilliams And Miller: All In The Family, MostlyArlynn Brody and Steve Kalinsky2018Fall
Government, Law, and Politics What Is A Nation?Bernie Belkin2018Fall
PhilosophyHow Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our LivesJohn Cooney and David Sarlin2018Fall
LiteratureThe Jewish Question In Victorian LiteratureGloria Plesent2018Fall
LiteratureTales Of Mother Russia: Great Russian Short Stories From Pushkin To Modern TimesDennis Palladino and Susanne Yellin2018Fall
LiteratureA Way With WordsMarcia Hearst and Randy Ross2018Fall
LiteratureNo Way OutArlette Sanders2018Fall
HistoryThe History Of Oil And Its Impact On WarMichael Kessler2018Fall
Art and MusicSchubert: Singular Prodigy And Many-Sided MasterJames Smith2018Fall
InterdisciplinarySustainability – Fool’S Errand Or Hopeful Future?Philip Botwinick and Simon Chung2018Fall
LiteratureExploring The Art Of The Personal EssayBarbara Salant2018Fall
InterdisciplinaryInternational Mysteries: Cultures In Contact, Conflict, And CooperationIris Zevin and Jack Zevin2018Fall
Art and MusicCreative Collage-MakingIstar Schwager2018Fall
HistoryThe Origin Of The Bible And The People Who Wrote ItReuven Opher2019Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Famous Courtroom Cases IiBarry Cooper2019Spring
Art and MusicJerome Robbins: A Life In DanceEd Brill2019Spring
Art and MusicMahler: Making Music’S Modern WorldJames Smith2019Spring
PoetryElizabeth Bishop (And Friends): Poems, Prose And LettersDonald Ray2019Spring
HistoryOttoman Sultans, Turkish Warriors, Protesting Intellectuals And ErdoganLale Odekon2019Spring
PhilosophyExistentialism: Jean-Paul Sartre And Albert CamusTed Auerbach2019Spring
LiteratureNarrative Nonfiction: A Closer LookLenore Cooney, Gloria Levinsohn, Barbara Marwell, and Rita Silverman2019Spring
Government, Law, and Politics The Future Of The Left: Europe And The UsMichael Hill2019Spring
LiteratureChildren Versus Parents: Generations In Conflict In Modern American Novels By Masters Of The FormSophie Balcoff2019Spring
LiteratureNo One Has Imagined Us: Exploring Lesbian LiteratureAndrea Freud2019Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2019Spring
Art and MusicCreating Winning Photographs Using Adobe Lightroom Classic CcGerald Reisner and Jerry Vogel2019Spring
HistoryEurope In The Fifteenth CenturyRaoul Oreskovic, Mark Scher, Gustav Seliger2019Spring
Drama and FilmAfrican-American Film DirectorsHowie Menikoff2019Spring
HistoryPrelude To Modernity: Culture And Society In 17Th Century Paris And AmsterdamMary Rowan2019Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Guns In America: Law, Policy And PoliticsBarry Bryer2019Spring
PhilosophyThe Science Of MoralityJames Smith2019Spring
InterdisciplinaryThe New York School Of Painters And PoetsCarolyn Grossner and Irene Sax2019Spring
Drama and FilmFar From Exodus: Israeli Films And The Search For IdentityRobert Gerace and Ira Rubin2019Spring
Art and MusicOpera A La CarteMark Dichter and Charles Troob2019Spring
Government, Law, and Politics JusticeJan Adler and Eileen Sullivan2019Spring
LiteratureAnna Karenina And The “Woman Question”Lesley Herrmann and Ruth Mackaman2019Spring
HistoryLyndon B. Johnson - 1949-1960Michael D. Shapiro2019Spring
Writing WorkshopAdvanced Guided AutobiographyDavid Grogan2019Spring
Art and MusicPhotojournalism: Documentary And Street Photography In AmericaSusan Herman2019Spring
Art and MusicJazz AppreciationTom Grant, Phyllis Holloway, Rob Tessler2019Spring
Art and MusicDrawing ExperiencesCarol Borelli2019Spring
Drama and FilmThe Celluloid Skyline: New York And The MoviesLynn Brenner2019Spring
InterdisciplinaryThe Scandinavian Way Of Life: Well-Being Societies, Literature, Film And DesignEllen Kolegar2019Spring
InterdisciplinaryScience And LiteratureJohn Gillespie2019Spring
LiteratureA Look At Modern Japan Through Selected FictionSusan Goldman2019Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopCharles Troob2019Spring
Drama and FilmPolitical MoviesMarshall Marcovitz, Marianne Nelson, and Claude Samton2019Spring
Art and MusicTelling Your Story Through The Visual ArtsCarol Sterling2019Spring
Art and MusicDada And Surrealism: Then And NowSylvia Brill, Susan Herman and Nancy Small2019Summer
LiteratureGreat Authors, Great StoriesJohn Becker, Ellen Kolegar2019Summer
LiteratureShakespeare Out LoudLucy Sacks2019Summer
InterdisciplinaryCompany Towns: Utopian Or Exploitative?Mary Houts and Susan Rubens2019Summer
Drama and FilmPandora’S Box: A Film Documentary By Adam CurtisPhilip Botwinick and Simon Chung2019Summer
Writing WorkshopWriting Flash FictionSusan Smahl2019Summer
LiteratureGraphic NovelsPhilip Botwinick and Simon Chung2019Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Great DecisionsStephen Kalinsky and Arlyne LeSchack2019Summer
Government, Law, and Politics New York City’S Political Economy: Past, Present And FutureMaury Harris2019Fall
Drama and FilmPeyton Place RevisitedPhilip Botwinick and Simon Chung2019Fall
LiteratureOur Human Nature: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly: How Great Authors Over The Past Few Centuries Have Depicted The Best And Worst Of Our NatureSophie Balcoff2019Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Is Our Democracy In Danger?Jan Adler2019Fall
LiteratureBertolt Brecht: Politics And ArtSusan Sabatino2019Fall
HistoryA Journey With Casanova Through 18Th Century EuropeFrank Carden and Arlene Spiller2019Fall
LiteratureEmpire Trilogy: J.G. Farrell’S Tragic Comedies Of British Colonial MisadventureLenore Cooney2019Fall
InterdisciplinaryJohn Wesley PowellKen Witty2019Fall
LiteratureProust Vi: Time RegainedSharon Girard2019Fall
Drama and FilmDysfunctional Families In PlaysArlynn Brody and Steve Kalinsky2019Fall
Drama and FilmFly On The Wall? Truth In Documentary FilmPeggy Hayden and Patti Kaplan2019Fall
ScienceEinstein - His Life And UniverseReuven Opher2019Fall
HistoryMyth Of The American FrontierBarbara Marwell2019Fall
HistoryChurchillTom Sear2019Fall
Drama and FilmHollywood Looks At American BusinessHowie Menikoff2019Fall
HistoryReal Spies: The Cold War And BeyondLucy Kirk and Susanne Yellin2019Fall
ScienceThe Revolutionary Science Of Genetics And PersonalityJames Smith2019Fall
Art and MusicA Dance To The Music Of TimeJohn Becker and Ruth Mackaman2019Fall
PhilosophyHinduism – Neither Fish Nor FowlMeera Kumar2019Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack and Judith Zaborowski2019Fall
Drama and FilmSouth American Film, The Abcs (Argentina, Brazil, Chile)Harold Berkowitz, Myriam Bucatinsky and Ted Dreyfus2019Fall
Drama and FilmAn Actor PreparesBruce Smith2019Fall
Art and MusicRock And Roll: Roots To RapSheila O’Connell and Ron Russo2019Fall
LiteratureMedieval Human Comedy: Bocaccio’S DecameronJames Gould2019Fall
InterdisciplinaryBiggest, Longest, Tallest: The World’S Greatest StructuresCarolyn Grossner and Maureen Sullivan2019Fall
PhilosophyThe Power Of The Conservative MindSteve Cole2019Fall
Art and MusicFrench Singers And Songwriters Of The Twentieth CenturyChristine Luneau-Lipton2019Fall
Drama and FilmPlaywrights And Politics In The Context Of Their TimesFlorence Tager and Dolores Walker2019Fall
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2019Fall
Art and MusicCreative Art ExperiencesCarol Sterling2019Fall
PhilosophyConsciousness – A Trans-Species PerspectiveMary Padilla2019Fall
Art and MusicDebussy, Ravel And Faure: The French ModernsJames Smith2019Fall
LiteratureAmerican HumorTom Grant2020Spring
LiteratureThe Play’S The Thing: Shakespeare In Text And MoviesJonathan Gaines and Richard Herrmann2020Spring
ScienceThe Mysteries Of Quantum MechanicsReuven Opher2020Spring
LiteratureLit Crit; An Introduction To The Art And Craft Of Reading And Judging Literary WorksMary M. Rowan2020Spring
LiteratureNew York Review Of Books SeminarJane Case Einbender2020Spring
Drama and FilmThe Celluloid Skyline: New York And The MoviesLynn Brenner2020Spring
PhilosophyFrom Utility To HappinessMichael Hill2020Spring
Art and MusicA Dance To The Music Of Time, Part TwoJohn Becker and Ruth Mackaman2020Spring
Government, Law, and Politics U.S. Migration Policy: More Of Us, Fewer Of ThemJulian Wolpert2020Spring
PoetryConfessional PoetsIrene Sax2020Spring
HistoryA Brief History Of Economic ThoughtRaoul Oreskovic2020Spring
HistoryMakers Of Modern IndiaMeera and Ajit Kumar2020Spring
LiteraturePhilip Roth- Writer Of Our LivesArlyne LeSchack2020Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting Memoir: Telling Your StoryLaini Gerald, Alix Kane2020Spring
History“From Manahatta To Manhattan”- The 300 Years That Made This Island The Energy Force It Is TodayRichard Resnik2020Spring
Drama and FilmOrson Welles, Raising Kane...And BeyondArlynn Brody, Stephen Kalinsky2020Spring
ScienceThe UniverseJohn Gillespie2020Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopCharles Troob2020Spring
LiteratureNatalia Ginzburg And Her WorldCarol Borelli and Susan Herman2020Spring
LiteratureKeep Calm And Carry On: A Century Of British Short StoriesSophie Balcoff and Jenny Ross2020Spring
LiteratureWalt Whitman And The Vision Of AmericaMark Fischweicher and Carol Schoen2020Spring
Art and MusicLate Great Wagner: Tristan, Meistersinger And ParsifalJames Smith2020Spring
Drama and FilmBeyond The Iron Curtain: Highlights Of Eastern European CinemaBob Gerace, Zuzana Justman, Mark Scher, Eva Vogel2020Spring
LiteratureJoseph Conrad: Insightful Novels; Unsurpassed WritingJohn Cooney, Jay Fleishman and Steve Reichstein2020Spring
LiteratureJames Baldwin: The Novels And EssaysTed Auerbach2020Spring
HistoryCaro’S Lbj: The Passage Of PowerMichael D. Shapiro2020Spring
LiteratureThe New Yorker: Memorable Bits And Unforgettable PiecesLinda Anstendig, Linda Gottlieb2020Spring
Art and MusicToward The Renaissance: Painting Of The 13Th-15Th CenturyRobert Fisher2020Spring
Government, Law, and Politics The Federalist Papers: Defining The Constitution And DemocracyJay Martin and Patrick Siconolfi2020Spring
Art and MusicBehind The Scenes, Nyc Museum ExhibitionsAnita Highton, Joan Rosenbaum2020Spring
InterdisciplinarySustainability – 2 Years LaterPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung2020Spring
LiteratureNarrative Nonfiction: A Closer LookNaomi Cooper, Ted Dreyfus, Eileen Hanley, Rita Silverman, Saul Yanofsky2020Spring
ScienceEvolutionary Inventions, From The BeginningDon Ray2020Spring
InterdisciplinaryPodcasting 101Randy Ross2020Spring
Drama and FilmFood Fabulous Food On FilmPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung2020Spring
InterdisciplinaryComplex Dynamics In Literature And ScienceJames Smith2020Spring
LiteratureA Way With Words – Summer EditionMarcia Hearst, Randy Ross2020Summer
PhilosophySeinfeld And PhilosophyJames Smith2020Summer
Drama and FilmFilm Form And CultureMoya Duffy2020Summer
LiteratureGothic LiteratureStephen Kalinsky2020Summer
HistoryMyth Of The American FrontierBarbara Marwell2020Summer
Art and MusicCabaret And The American SongbookDoris Wallace2020Summer
LiteratureNostromo By Joseph ConradSteve Reichstein2020Summer
HistoryRegeneration: Pat Barker’S Ww I TrilogyRobert Sholiton2020Summer
ScienceHow The Great Inventions Changed America Since 1870Ken Witty2020Summer
InterdisciplinaryThe Happiness RevolutionMichael Hill2020Summer
HistoryHistory Of FoodJack Zevin2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics China And The Us: Is Peaceful Coexistence Possible?Thomas Hardy2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Great Decisions 2020Stephen Kalinsky, Arlyne Le Schack2020Summer
ScienceHistory Of Science And CosmologyReuven Opher2020Summer
PhilosophyWhat Makes A Great Speech?Eileen Hanley2020Summer
ScienceGlobal Warming: Some Hot TopicsTed Dreyfus2020Summer
LiteratureJhumpa Lahiri: Interpreter Of The Pressure To Reconcile Heritage With AdaptationLaini Gerald2020Summer
ScienceTopics In CosmologyReuven Opher2020Summer
Art and MusicA Guided Tour Of The MetCarolyn Grossner2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Rethinking Global PovertyKen Witty2020Summer
InterdisciplinaryPodcasting 101 – Summer EditionRandy Ross2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Election IssuesJoy Schulman2020Summer
LiteratureFamily Secrets: A Graphic Novel ApproachPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung2020Summer
LiteratureGreat Authors – Great StoriesJohn Becker2020Summer
Art and MusicOutsider ArtCarol Millsom2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics What Has Happened To The American Catholic Left?Eileen Sullivan2020Summer
Government, Law, and Politics The Covid19 Economy And Economic PoliciesMaury Harris2020Summer
InterdisciplinaryWhat She AteIrene Sax2020Summer
Writing WorkshopVicarious Adventures: Travel Writing WorkshopSusan Smahl2020Summer
Drama and FilmDocumentary Film: Off The Beaten PathPatti Kaplan, Miriam Lawrence, Robert Sholiton2020Summer
LiteratureThe Short Story ProjectSophie Balcoff, Michelle Harris2020Summer
LiteratureGreat American Essays Of The 20Th CenturyJames Smith2020Summer
PhilosophyArtificial IntelligenceBernie Belkin2020Fall
ScienceQuantum Mechanics In The Modern WorldReuven Opher2020Fall
HistoryCaro’S Robert MosesBarry Cooper2020Fall
LiteratureBertolt Brecht: Politics And ArtSusan Sabatino2020Fall
HistoryRevisiting FeminismMelicent Rothschild2020Fall
Government, Law, and Politics The Road To Now (A Political System In Tatters)Philip Botwinick, Simon Chung2020Fall
InterdisciplinaryPlagues And Infectious Diseases - Their Impact On Humanity And HistoryJoseph Zuckerman2020Fall
HistoryPanics And Busts: How Depressions And Recessions Changed American HistorySusan Heide, Dan Hertzberg2020Fall
HistoryCleopatra – A Witness To The Ebb And Flow Of EmpiresAjit Kumar, Meera Kumar2020Fall
LiteratureHomer’S OdysseyNicholas Alexiou2020Fall
Drama and FilmHow To Read A FilmPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung, Moya Duffy, Marianne Nelson2020Fall
Art and MusicChamber Music MasterworksJames Smith2020Fall
Government, Law, and Politics You Say You Want A Revolution...Jack Zevin2020Fall
Government, Law, and Politics “It Can’T Happen Here,” Can It?Arlynn Brody, Stephen Kalinsky2020Fall
HistoryNorth American Indians: A HistoryMaury Harris, Ron Lazar, Ken Witty2020Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting Memoir: Telling Your StoryLaini Gerald, Alix Kane2020Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopLeslie Bedford, Charles Troob2020Fall
LiteratureWar And PeaceLesley Herrmann, Ruth Mackaman2020Fall
Government, Law, and Politics Energy Issues: Impact Of Energy Issues On The Environment, Economy, National Security And Foreign PolicyMichael Kessler2020Fall
Drama and FilmMovies Made By WomenHowie Menikoff2020Fall
InterdisciplinaryThe UndergroundNat Ryan2020Fall
LiteratureLove, Loss And The 19Th Century Novel: Austen, Eliot, JamesSophie Balcoff2020Fall
Drama and FilmThe First Golden Age Of TelevisionGreg McCaslin, Ira Rubin2020Fall
Government, Law, and Politics America - Empire Or Hegemon?John Becker2020Fall
HistoryTheodore Roosevelt (Tr)Tom Sear2020Fall
LiteratureGreat Conversations From Great BooksArlyne LeSchack, Judith Zaborowski2020Fall
Art and MusicDutch Seventeenth-Century ArtDeborah Markow2020Fall
InterdisciplinaryCollision: The Intersection Of Medicine, Law And EthicsBob Braff, Lenore Cooney, Anita Highton, Susan Rauch2020Fall
ScienceThe Co-Evolution Of Language And The BrainJames Smith2020Fall
LiteratureShakespeare Out Loud: King LearLucy Sacks2020Fall
HistoryCapitalism: A HistoryMichael Hill, Raoul Oreskovic2020Fall
Art and MusicOperaMark Dichter, Charles Troob2020Fall
Drama and FilmHollywood Goes WestLynn Brenner, Barbara Marwell, Sheila O'Connell2020Fall
Writing WorkshopAdvanced Guided AutobiographyDavid Grogan2020Fall
LiteratureThe Lives Of Others: Reading MemoirSusan Herman, Micky Josephs, Miriam
Lawrence, Eileen Sullivan, Toni Young
InterdisciplinaryThe Mystery Of The Romani People (Aka Gypsies): Myths, Lies And TruthsFrank Carden, Arlene Spiller2020Fall
Writing WorkshopWriting Memoirs: Telling Your StoryLaini Gerald, Alix Kane2021Spring
LiteratureNarrative Non-FictionCarol Groneman, Lorraine Matovina, Mary Semel, Rita Silverman2021Spring
InterdisciplinaryShakespeare On Power PoliticsJonathan Gaines, Richard Herrmann2021Spring
LiteratureThe Lives Of Others: Reading More MemoirsLenore Cooney, Deborah Hymanson, Ina Meibach, Judith Siegel, Miriam Lawrence2021Spring
PhilosophyIsaiah Berlin RevisitedJan Adler, Steve Cole2021Spring
Drama and FilmUnfortunately Necessary DocumentariesPhilip Botwinick, Simon Chung2021Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Public Opinion Polls: For Better Or Worse?Carolyn Setlow, Ellen Sills-Levy2021Spring
LiteratureDon Quixote, Part IRichard Zuckerman2021Spring
HistoryHarlem RenaissanceAileen Gitelson, Tom Grant, Carol Millsom, Irene Sax2021Spring
HistoryHistory Of Qing/Manchu China 1664-1910Eric Zimiles2021Spring
Writing WorkshopIntroductory Guided AutobiographyDavid Grogan2021Spring
LiteratureNabokov'S LolitaCameron McDonald, Don Ray2021Spring
Art and MusicA Sondheim RetrospectiveJames Smith2021Spring
LiteratureE.L. Doctorow'S New YorkArlynn Brody, Stephen Kalinsky2021Spring
HistorySeeing Red: The Mccarthy Era In PerspectiveEileen Sullivan2021Spring
LiteratureJhumpa LahiriLaini Gerald2021Spring
LiteratureSam Clemens And Mark Twain: Rival IdentitiesTom Grant2021Spring
Writing WorkshopWriting WorkshopLeslie Bedford, Charles Troob2021Spring
Drama and FilmFirst Golden Age Of TelevisionPhilip Botwinick, Ira Rubin, Simon Chung2021Spring
LiteratureThe Art Of The ProfileLynn Brenner2021Spring
PhilosophyTrue Lies And Half TruthsCarolyn Grossner, Maureen Sullivan2021Spring
Drama and FilmFrom Short Story To Big ScreenLinda Anstendig, Linda Gottlieb2021Spring
PhilosophyHannah Arendt For Our TimeHoward Miller2021Spring
Drama and FilmSouth American Films Ii - The AbcsHarold Berkowitz, Myriam Bucatinsky, Ted Dreyfus2021Spring
Art and MusicDutch Seventeenth Century ArtDeborah Markow2021Spring
HistoryTruman RevisitedMichael Shapiro2021Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Map It! Demystify Public Issues Through MappingJohn Seley2021Spring
InterdisciplinaryThe Ties That Bind: Five ViewsSophie Balcoff, Jennifer Ross2021Spring
InterdisciplinaryRace: Complex ConversationsMary Elwood, Lale Odekon, Shelley Peck, Susan Sabatino, Renee Solomon, Florence Tager2021Spring
PhilosophyHow Minds Make Societies: A Cognitive ExplanationJames Smith2021Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Great Decisions +Stephen Kalinsky, Arlyne Le Schack2021Spring
PhilosophyWhat Makes A Great Speech?Eileen Hanley2021Spring
Art and MusicOutsider ArtCarol Millsom2021Spring
Government, Law, and Politics Supreme InequalityMark Scher, Bill Siegel2021Spring
InterdisciplinaryA Sporting LifeMary Connelly, Randy Ross2021Spring
PhilosophyA Creative Process - An Experiential ApproachMary Padilla2021Spring
LiteratureDoctor FaustusStephen Kalinsky2021Summer
PhilosophyMoral Philosophy: What We Owe Other AnimalsRichard Zuckerman2021Summer
Drama and FilmThis American Life – The Best of 25 YearsRandy Ross2021Summer
LiteratureShakespeare Out Loud: The TempestLucy Sacks2021Summer
PhilosophySix Ethical ConundrumsSophie Balcoff2021Summer
LiteratureGreat Authors – Great StoriesJohn Becker2021Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Biden’s Climate Change InitiativeMichael Kessler2021Summer
LiteratureMore Great American Essays of the 20th CenturyJames Smith2021Summer
HistoryByzantiumRaoul Oreskovic2021Summer
Government, Law, and Politics Massive Federal Budget Deficits: Boon or Boondoggle?Maury Harris, Dan Hertzberg2021Summer
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