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About the Proposal Process

The Curriculum Committee assures that LPoffers a rich and challenging curriculum each semester by helping coordinators develop and lead study groups. The written Study Group Proposal submitted by one or more LP2 members is the moment of birth. To make sure that Study Group Proposals contain all the information needed to make the process of evaluation, support and approval smooth the Curriculum Committee provides the following instructions and forms. If you do not already have a Curriculum Committee contact for your Study Group one will be provided. For more information about the support available to Coordinators for the Study Group development process visit Coordinate a Study Group.

The Curriculum Committee oversees the solicitation, development and approval of study groups consistent with established principles and practices of peer learning and with LP2’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Committee supports prospective coordinators during the creation of study groups from varied disciplines, reflecting the interests of LP2 members and maintaining academic standards.

Please note that the Curriculum Committee and the LP2 Director reserve the right to make changes as needed to approve study group descriptions and related material in order that the published material conforms to the goals and style of LP2 Program.

Proposal Forms

Summer-Fall 2024 Study Group Proposal Form: Due April 17

Proposal Form Submission Instructions

Download the appropriate Proposal Form above, complete it on your computer, and send it as an email attachment to your Curriculum Committee contact. If you do not yet have a Curriculum Committee contact, email the Curriculum Committee Chair to be provided one before submitting your form.

Proposal Form Completion Instructions

Format: The completed proposal form must be submitted in either .doc or .docx or .rtf format. No other format will be accepted.

Study Group Name: A descriptive title that will attract interested study group members.

Semester: Note the semester of the study group: (e.g. Spring 2022, Summer 2022, Fall 2022).

Curriculum Committee Contact: Name of the Curriculum Committee member with whom you are working on this proposal.

Study Group Coordinator(s): List the coordinators in alphabetical order by last name. No more than four coordinators may be listed. Precede with an asterisk (*) the name of anyone coordinating for the first time. Precede with the pound sign (#) the name of the coordinator who will be the primary contact for the Curriculum Committee.

Coordinators’ Biographies: In alphabetical order, preferably 30 words or less per coordinator. [Be aware that Study Group Grids now have links from coordinators names’ to their profiles on the Member Directory, many of which already contain bios. All prospective coordinators should review their Member Profile bio and consider updating it before the Grid is published. For information about updating your profile see Tech Help.

Study Group Description: Describe the study group’s goals, format and content in a way that “whets the intellectual appetite” of your prospective study group participants. Include in the description what the participants will take away from the study group and how you will engage them actively in peer learning. The description should indicate whether the study group is a repeat. Preferably 150 words or less.

  • Readings and Other Materials: Include approximate cost of required materials.
  • Books: List the following information on each text in this specific order: full title in italics followed by author/editor/translator. Ex: Bleak House, Charles Dickens. If you want the participants to buy a specific edition, you must include publisher, date of publication and ISBN. Ex: Swann’s Way, Marcel Proust, translated by Lydia Davis (Penguin Classics, 2003, ISBN 0-14-24-3796-4).
  • Coursepack: Indicate some of the specific sources for articles and excerpts. Prospective study group members will want to know whether they will be reading academic articles, popular magazines pieces, book excerpts, etc.
  • Films, videos, DVDs, etc: If you will be using films, make clear whether participants will need a video subscription.
  • Guest Speakers: A small honorarium for a guest speaker may be available, not to exceed $150. The amount is to be determined by the character and extent of the presentation. Please apply to the IRP Administration for approval.

Type of Study Group: In a few words, describe how you will coordinate the study group. For example, you might say, “Mostly discussion” or “Content presentation followed by discussion” or “Reports by participants.” The goal here is to give participants as much information as you can to help them make a good choice of study groups for the upcoming semester.

Availability: Complete the boxes in the table with either a number or the letter “N”. Numbers Indicate day/time preferences (1= most preferred, 2 = next preferred, etc.) “N” means “Not available.” NOTE: Fridays now have 2 slots that follow the Monday to Thursday schedule. NOTE: The times in the grid may change depending on room availability.

Special instructions: Will you require certain accommodations? [For example, studio art courses may require a room with tables; coordinators who use technology will need to be sure it is available, and so forth.]

Syllabus: The syllabus is a week to week overview of the study group. At a minimum, the proposal should include (a) topics/themes for each of the 12 weeks and (b) readings and questions to guide the readings for at least the first 3 weeks. Please include the assignment for the first week so participants will be prepared for the first meeting. The Curriculum Committee recognizes that the syllabus is a dynamic “work in progress” which may develop and change as coordinators prepare and shape the study group. Indicating readings, questions and/or audio/video recordings for the first 3 weeks [or more] will give participants an expanded view and enable participants to make thoughtful choices and help to
promote your study group.

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