Tuesday With Friends: The Ins and Outs of Academic Freedom with Marge Heins
Tuesday December 6 | 3:30 to 6:00PM | Registration Deadline is November 21

The Tuesdays With Friends (TWF) Committee is happy to announce its first get-together and presentation since the Covid hiatus!

What is academic freedom? A constitutional right – or just good social policy? And what are its limits? In the affirmative action case currently before the Supreme Court, the universities claim that academic freedom protects their right to choose a diverse student body. But isn’t academic freedom really about teachers’ (and maybe students’) right to free expression on campus and in the classroom? And what about teachers’ off-campus expression – should their academic employers be able to punish them for controversial ideas? Marge Heins will present the legal and historical background and address some current controversies. Marge is the former director of the ACLU’s Arts Censorship Project, where she worked on many controversies involving academic freedom – after which she wrote Priests of Our Democracy: The Supreme Court, Academic Freedom, and the Anti-Communist Purge. At LP2, Marge has coordinated a study group on Vichy France and the Nazi Occupation, and a session of Narrative Nonfiction on Impressionism and the politics of art.

To sign up please email Carolyn Preiss at cpreiss@gc.cuny.edu. If more than 15 members sign up, guests will be selected by lottery. In late November those who signed up will be advised of the status of their request and, if successful, the host’s address.

The Tuesdays With Friends Committee sponsors a small, casual get-togethers in the home of an LP2 member for informal talks by a member on a topic of general interest. The Committee members are Eileen Hanley, Carolyn Preiss, Nancy Small, Eva Vogel, Sue Yellin

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