Admission Committee Statement

Chair: Laini Gerald
Co-Chair: Phyllis Holloway

Mission Statement:

Working with the Director and other LP2 committees, the Admissions Committee works to create a dynamic and diversified membership that will contribute to the continued excellence of LP2.

Objectives for the Next Two-Years:

To admit qualified members, especially as LP2 transitions from Zoom to an in-person environment at the Graduate Center. Our committee is committed to the expansion of a diverse population in our community with study groups that promote intellectual understanding and friendship.

Committee Activities:

  • Organizing and participating in at least 4 information sessions about LP2 and the admissions process per year.
  • Recommending qualified applications to the Director.
  • Seeking feedback on the success of admitted new members to improve the information and admissions.
  • Working with the Diversity and Marketing Committees to encourage potential members to attend the information sessions.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members:

  • A commitment to peer learning
  • Knowledge of LP2 history, mission, and structure
  • Strong interviewing and listening skills
  • Ability to write succinct evaluations of interview results
  • Commitment to promoting diversity in LP2 membership

Committee Member Selection Process and Terms:

Committee members must have been a member of LP2 for at least two years. Committee
members are chosen by the Committee Chairs in consultation with Committee members and
the Director. Announcements of openings for the Committee and skills required are posted in
The Observer.

[Fall 2021]

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