Curriculum Committee Statement

Chair: Randy Ross

Mission Statement:

The Curriculum Committee oversees the solicitation, development and approval of study groups consistent with established principles and practices of peer learning and with LP2’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The Committee supports prospective coordinators during the creation of study groups from varied disciplines, reflecting the interests of LP2 members and maintaining academic standards. The strength of LP2 and its curriculum depend upon members coordinating study groups.

Objectives for the Next Two Years:

To offer 36 study groups each regular semester (including any half semester study group equivalents), plus six to eight study groups in a six-week summer term, consistent with its mission statement.

Committee Activities:

  • Supports the development of study groups having appropriately challenging subject matter and supporting materials.
  • Maintains ongoing communication with study group coordinators to ensure the vitality of the learning experience at LP2.
  • Conducts a variety of workshops including exploring ideas for new study groups, encouraging prospective coordinators, assisting with study group proposal writing, leading a good discussion, fostering peer learning and opportunities for current coordinators to share experiences.
  • The Committee meets weekly for approximately 2 hours during the academic year.
  • Each Committee member is assigned to be the principal contact for each potential study group coordinator to provide guidance through the development of the SG proposal.
  • The Committee regularly solicits ideas from the LP2 community for potential study groups and maintains records of study groups that have been scheduled.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members:

  • Commitment to LP2’s peer learning concept
  • Experience coordinating at least one study group
  • Comfort in contacting LP2 members to interest them in coordinating
  • Ability to support prospective coordinators as they prepare their study group proposals
  • Basic competence with Microsoft Word
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