Fridays@1 Committee Statement

Co-Chairs: Lesley Herrmann and Ruth Mackaman

Mission Statement:

Offer public programs for LP² members, the CUNY community, and the general public on political, artistic, and scientific ideas that are relevant and newsworthy. Past topics have included presidential elections and the press, climate change, racial inequality, and the microbiome. These programs provide an opportunity for participants to exchange ideas and hear different points of view, while giving LP² a chance to strengthen its ties with CUNY.

Objectives for the Next Two Years

  • Strengthen ties between CUNY and LP².
  • Build a large public audience through outreach and branding.
  • Seek out interesting speakers.

Committee Activities

  • Select speakers for three Fridays@1 speakers each semester.
  • Publicize the speakers to the LP²and CUNY communities as well as relevant community groups.
  • Collect and analyze feedback about the presentations as a guide to future selection of speakers.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Committee Members: 

  • Committee members should have an interest in current affairs, attend or watch lectures, read books with an eye on possible matches for Fridays@1 programming.  
  • Committee members should solicit suggestions from other members of LP². 
  • Members are responsible for finding and organizing three programs per semester.

Committee Member Selection Process and Terms:

At the end of each year, the Committee will post openings on The Observer.  New members will be selected by the chair in consultation with the committee members and the LP² director.

[Spring 2022]

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