Marketing Committee Statement

Chairs: Stewart Alter and Lisa Cristal

Mission Statement:

The Marketing Committee publicizes, in various media, LP2 programs and activities within the LP2 community and to the general public. The Marketing Committee works with other committees to raise awareness of their programs and services within the membership and, when appropriate, to the general public. 

Objectives for the Next Two Years:  

As we integrate our activities with CUNY GC, the Committee will utilize our combined assets to support our presence within the CUNY GC community and to make LP2 better known to the outside world, specifically through media outlets. 

  • Work with other committees and SIGs to promote their efforts.
  • Support the development of our new website in the development of more video and photographic imagery.
  • Work with the Advisory Board, the Director, and CUNY staff to promote members’ involvement in existing and new LP2 programs and activities.
  • Develop and implement strategies for making underrepresented communities aware of the LP2 to promote greater diversity among candidates for LP2 membership.

Committee Activities:

Past activities have included the creation of our new name of LP²: Lifelong Peer Learning Program; creation of logo for IER; publication of Outlook and In Their Own Words; working with Diversity team and promotion of activities within the LP² community.

  • Work with LP2 committees to assist in the promotion of events and activities sponsored by the committees.
  • Establish individual liaisons between the Marketing Committee and appropriate LP2 committees to keep the Marketing Committee informed and involved in promoting LP2 events and activities.
  • Develop an active membership in the Marketing Committee including members with backgrounds and experience that can help the Committee meet the LP2 needs.
  • Assist committees in the preparation of articles and announcements for The Observer.
  • Explore and develop relations with various media outside of CUNY to promote LP2 public events and support efforts to diversify the LP2 membership.
  • Develop an oral history project which will explore the experiences of members firsthand viewing of major historical events to be shared with the LP² community as well as the outside public to give potential members an idea of who is part of the LP² community.
  • Develop a proposal for an LP2 Arts Festival including all visual and performing arts.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members:

Background in media, marketing, writing for publication, and working on creative ways of raising organizational awareness. The committee wants members who will tell our story, create programs to promote LP² ‘s mission and history, as well as publicize current activities and plan future events.

Member Selection:

The committee is always open to new membership. LP2 members interested in serving on the Committee should contact one of the co-chairs. Committee members also reach out to LP² members who could contribute to our efforts. 

[Fall 2021]

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