Mentor Committee Statement

Chairs: Susan Belkin and Sue Goldman

Mission Statement:

To provide each new LP2 member with a carefully selected, experienced LP2 member who will act as a personal liaison to the organization for the first semester. The mentors will provide support and guidance to their mentees by welcoming them, answering questions about LP2 processes e.g., registration and the selection of Study Groups, activities, committees, and SIGS and introducing them to other members.

Objectives for Next Two Years:

To continue selecting quality mentors for new members using strategies described under activities, and in coordination with the Admission and Orientation Committees.

Committee Activities:  

  • Mentors are selected based on information from the new member’s application and consultation with members of the Admissions Committee. The choice is based on common interests, career paths, hobbies, life experiences and willingness to be a mentor.
  • Each mentor is provided with contact information and a set of guidelines outlining the role and responsibilities of a mentor.  
  • Mentors provide updates on the contacts with mentees before and during the semester.
  • The Committee chairs work with both the Admissions and Orientation Committees to provide the best mentoring experience for new members 

Desirable Skills and Experience:

The chairs should be active and involved members of LP2 with a wide knowledge of the general membership. They should be friendly, encouraging, organized and discreet.

Committee Member Selection Process and Term:

In discussion with the director, it was decided to continue with the present chairs for the next few years and then proceed with transitioning to new chairs. One chairperson will cycle off and, a new chair, with appropriate skills and experience will be chosen for a 4–5-year term from the list of experienced mentors.

[Fall 2021]

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