Orientation Committee Statement

Chair: Richard Resnik 

Mission Statement:

The committee welcomes new members, creates a friendly and supportive atmosphere, and familiarizes new members with life at LP2 and the concept of peer learning. The committee assists new members in meeting each other along with the LP2 community through meetings and social gatherings. The committee provides each new member with a mentor to assist their transition into LP2.

Objectives for the Next Two-Years:

The Orientation Committee will work to familiarize its members with life at the CUNY GC and transmit that experience to new members.

Committee Activities:

The committee holds a series of 3-4 meetings immediately after each new class accepts the offer of membership. Orientation sessions are currently online, but after the pandemic subsides and we return to “normal life,” the meetings may take place in informal settings. The committee is working toward creating an informal approach to the orientation process. 

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members:

Patience, kindness, empathy and a strong knowledge of the LP2 programs, activities, and services.

Committee Member Selection Process:

Members have staggered three-year terms.  New members are encouraged to join the committee to share their experiences as entering members. At the end of each year, the Committee will post openings in The Observer.  New members will be selected by the chair in consultation with the committee members and the LP² director.

[Fall 2021]

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