The Observer Committee Statement

Current Editor(s):

LP2 Editor: Susan Rauch
Contributing Editor: Irene Sax
GC-CUNY Editor: Ariana Caragliano
AB Executive Committee Liaison: Barbara Marwell

Committee Mission:

As the online newsletter of LP2, The Observer provides members with up-to-date news from the Director and the Advisory Board, advertises upcoming programs and activities, and offers members a forum to communicate material of interest to the LP2 community.

Objectives for the Next Two-Years:

In the absence of a campus, to include more opportunities for members, especially newer members, to feel connected to our programs and personnel by, for example, utilizing Zoom to stream interviews with the Director and people in the GC office that members might communicate with, but never have met; by describing the committees that are responsible for running LP2 activities, exactly what they do, etc.

Publication process and schedule:

Each week, the Director provides a “Note” to the membership informing them of pertinent activities of the University, Graduate Center, and the Advisory Board; the Executive Committee Liaison also provides information from the Advisory Board and its Executive Committee. Committee chairs contribute notice of upcoming activities and events. All prospective copy is submitted by the Friday preceding the Monday publication date.  The LP2 editor assembles and edits the information into a draft edition, which is sent to the Board Liaison for review. When the issue is ready for publication, the GC-CUNY editor formats and publishes the issue to the membership.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members Who Want to Assist:

Proofreading skill; facility with Microsoft Word; ability to write clearly and concisely.

Read about the The Observer’s History.

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