The Observer Committee Statement

Current Editor(s):

LP2 Editor: Irene Sax
Assistant Editor: Ruth Mackaman

Committee Mission:

The weekly Observer is LP²’s newsletter, the vehicle through which LP² members learn about what is going on in the organization. This includes everything from the Week at a Glance and election notices to introducing new members and Committee Chairmen to reporting on upcoming and past SIG activities.

Objectives for the Next Two-Years:

We will continue to do what we have been doing all along, hoping to grow and develop along with the organization.

Publication process and schedule:

Collection and editing of material ends on Friday morning, after which someone in the GC-CUNY office turns the copy into a format in which it can be sent out to the membership on Mondays.

Desirable Skills and Experience for Members Who Want to Assist:

Comfort with Microsoft Word, some computer knowledge, the ability to write clearly and concisely, the agility to shift quickly, and the communication skills to deal calmly with both the administration and the membership.

Read about the The Observer’s History.

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