Dean Brian Peterson

The Lifelong Peer Learning Program (LP²) is a program of The Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation (AISI) of the CUNY Graduate Center, the public post-graduate university of the City University of New York (CUNY) which fosters advanced graduate education, original research and scholarship, innovative university-wide programs, and vibrant public events.

The mission of The Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation, which is led by Dean Brian Peterson, is to provide leadership for innovative program development through collaborative partnerships, detailed research, exceptional support services, and utilization of best practices. LP² operates in accordance with The LP2 Guidelines as a noncredit program of the CUNY Graduate Center under the leadership of our Director, the member elected Advisory Board and Executive Committee and the dedicated LP² Committees.


Mariel Villeré, the Program Development Director for The Office of Academic Initiatives and Strategic Innovation (AISI), with support from College Assistant Nancy Paucar, Administrative Coordinator Joanna Micek, and College Assistant Valerie Joly, administers the LP2 program, manages registration and fees, coordinates with the Advisory Board and committees, and provides member support.

Advisory Board

The LP² Advisory Board advises and works with the Director to develop policy and, with committee input, ensures the continuation of our dynamic, peer learning community. Among other things, the Board initiates and monitors new programs, oversees the work of the Committees and organizes General Membership Meetings at the beginning and end of each semester.

The Advisory Board consists of 12 elected members, three appointed members selected from our core committees (Admissions, Curriculum and Diversity), a Chair Emeritus (if appointed by the Board for the year following a Chairperson’s term) and the Treasurer of IER if the Treasurer is not an elected member of the Board. The Board meets monthly during the school year and can schedule special meetings as-needed during the school year and other periods. The 12 elected Board members serve for three years, with 1/3 elected annually. The appointed Board members serve for one-year terms, subject to a maximum of three successive one-year terms. Advisory Board members act as liaisons for a specific portfolio of committees. Board representatives also encourage members to coordinate study groups, assume leadership and administrative roles, and take part in LP² social activities and community services. The Advisory Board Meeting Minutes are accessible to members on the LP² website.

Any LP² member who has been a member in good standing for at least one year is eligible to run for the Advisory Board. One elected position is reserved for a member who has been an LP² member for three years or less. Any member may nominate themselves or another qualified member to serve on the Advisory Board by completing the Advisory Board Nomination Form. Elections are held annually, usually toward the end of the spring semester. Candidates’ statements of their qualifications and what they plan to contribute as Board members are available in advance of the election. Campaigning and electioneering is prohibited.

See the LP2 Guidelines for more information about the Advisory Board and election process.

Elected Representatives

Charles Brecher (’25)Maury Harris (’25)Judy Monson (’25)Patrick Siconolfi (’25)
Barbara Marwell (’24)Michael Kessler (’24)Jan Adler (’24)Bruce Smith (’24)
Bob Cohn (’26)Lesley Herrmann (’26)Ruth Mackaman (’26)Judith Siegel (’26)

Committee Representatives

Admissions and MembershipCurriculumDiversity
Michelle HarrisRandy RossSusan Sabatino

Advisory Board Executive Committee

The LP² Executive Committee, elected annually by the Advisory Board from among its members, consists of the Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson and Secretary, and other members as may be elected at the discretion of the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee meets with the Director to monitor, review and recommend programs, policies and procedures, plan the agendas for the monthly Advisory Board meetings, and organize the General Membership Meetings (GMM), which usually take place at the start of each fall and spring semesters and at the end of the academic year.


Committees play a major role in managing LP2 functions: recruiting and supporting our members, organizing 30+ member-led study groups on a wide range of topics, planning and executing numerous extra-curricular activities and, of course, planning for the future of LP2. Each committee coordinates with other committees and the Advisory Board as needed.  With approval by the Advisory Board, members may form new committees to try out new ideas and meet new needs. Staffed by members with appropriate skills and imagination, the Committees listed here meet members’ needs and keep LP2 moving forward. Learn more about each below:

How to Get Involved…

Coordinate a Study Group, Volunteer, Participate in Special Interest Group Activities, Join a Committee, Run for the Advisory Board. Learn more.

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